The World’s Biggest Cyclist Fairs

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Cyclist fairs keep on getting bigger and bigger, as more people from all over the world get involved in this beautiful sport. There, amateurs, professionals, companies and the biggest brands in the cycling industry are gathered to delight on the technological breakthroughs and show their love of all things cycling. So, if you’re cycling enthusiast and are looking forward to meeting someone like you, learning a thing or two or just upgrading your current ride, we’ll let you know about the biggest cyclist fairs in the world for you to attend next year or at least once in your lifetime.


As you can tell by its name, Eurobike is Europe’s biggest cyclist fair. Taking place in Friedrichshafen, Germany, it gathers the best cycling companies in the world to showcase the latest trends in bicycles, accessories, sportswear, shops, and even exhibitions and contests. There, you’ll find the latest designs from the most popular brands in the world, gathering as much as 1400 bicycle makers from all over the world, the same way they’ve done it for the last 27 years.


Also known as the Interbike International Bicycle Expo, Interbike is actually the biggest cyclist fair from all of North America, and it takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the end of September. Founded in 1982, this fair gathers over 800 different companies and 1200 cyclist-related brands, with over 35.000 people visiting it on a yearly basis to see the Northstar Free-Ride Festival and the OutDoor Demo.

Northstar Free-Ride Festival

The aforementioned Northstar Free-Ride Festival is Interbike’s latest sub festival and the main attraction, and it will obviously take place simultaneously all years since the first edition back in 2018. The Northstar Free-Ride Festival is a perfect opportunity for cyclists from all over the world to try some brand-new products by using them on nice and exciting tracks, with free rides, trails, live music, food, beverages and a lot of prizes.

OutDoor Demo

The OutDoor Demo also takes place at the same time than the Northstar Free-Ride Festival and the Interbike, but this one’s focused on entrepreneurs and beginners of the industry that want to try the latest products on outdoor environments. Also, the OutDoor Demo features the Interbike Innovation Award, a prize that’s handed out to the best mountain cyclist-related products, so people from all over the country travel there to find out about the latest trends of the industry.

OutDoor Demo
OutDoor Demo

Taipei International Cycle Show

The Taipei International Cycle Show is Asia’s biggest cyclist fair, gathering some of the biggest bicycle makers and sellers from all over the world, and it’s also one of the first cyclist fairs to become popular, as it was founded way back then in 1970. This fair is sponsored by the government and several cyclist organizations, and it has the main focus of helping entrepreneurs and little companies get more global exposure by pairing them with some giants of the industry, and it usually takes place during the last quarter of the year.