The Incredible Mushroom to Supplement A Healthy Diet For Cyclists

By on Jul 20, 2019 in BLOG |

The forest is not the only place that the fungus has managed to find shelter in recently. The recent food trend that has taken specialized athletic nutrition by storm is found in all the major health food centers and boasts a prominent place on social media. The medicinal mushrooms that claim to help in improving health and athletic performance are the newest wonder supplement that has proved to be a great supplement in the diet of a cyclist. 

The mushrooms you add to your stir-fried vegetables are not the type that is referred to here. These are unusual varieties that have been noticed for their medicinal benefits. Species of mushrooms such as Reishi and Chaga are found in dense forests and are believed to improve athletic performances.

Though the Chinese and the Japanese have been using mushrooms for their medicinal qualities for centuries, it’s not until recently that the western world has started recognizing the benefits.  It is said that medicinal mushrooms can improve immunity, help improve mental focus, improve sleep and even help in reducing risk of diabetes and cancer.

In recent times, these superfoods are increasingly praised by cyclists as they find that consuming these shrooms help in improving their performance. The Cordyceps mushrooms are advertised to enhance stamina so that individuals can increase their work out and go long periods without tiring. Whether these tall claims hold some meat is yet to be discovered. 

The Research Quotient

Most of the research conducted is on rats, and though there is the need to prove the effectiveness of the shrooms, there are a few experiments conducted on humans that may sound interesting. There has been some research done on seven Italian cyclists, where it was found that there was a decrease in oxidative stress caused due to exercise when they were asked to consume supplements that were fungi based. This supplement included Cordyceps. Another study had individuals consume four grams of mushrooms that had medicinal qualities for three weeks, in which individuals showed an improvement in their fitness levels during a test that included cycling.

Similarly, a study that included the intake of mushrooms that are rich in certain specific antioxidants improved the immune system and helped in recovering from workouts by reducing inflammation. It is also seen that a fiber called beta-glucan that is extracted from shrooms help athletes stay away from an upper respiratory infection that they commonly suffer from. 

In recent times there are some studies that have provided answers to if mushrooms improve health overall by working on reducing the growth and multiplication of cancer cells, reducing mental decline due to age and reduction in blood pressure numbers. Though the studies are only a few, the results have been encouraging so far.

Though there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, there is still a lot of research to be performed before the mushrooms are declared the superfood to enhance cyclists and other athletes. Products infused with mushroom derivatives are easier to use, especially if you are not a fan of that mushroomy flavor in your coffee. Consuming an adequate amount of the shrooms to help in bringing out the required benefits is essential. This can be challenging to achieve by just throwing in a couple of mushrooms into your daily omelet.