Myths About Cycling Girls That Should Disappear

By on May 13, 2019 in BLOG |

Every day there are more girls and women practicing this sport on the road, so today we’ll try to unveil the majority of the silly anti-women rumors and myths that are laid out there, as women are a very important force to take into account in cycling.

Most male bikers like the girls to mix with them on the road because they don’t miss a detail, from the helmet to the shoes and the bike are cleaned, (appearance is very important to them) and men, on the other hand, are not very concerned with the aesthetic part of biking, men don’t care if their color combination matches or not.

Even in 2019, though it seems unbelievable, men also like to take care of women, when they ride with them, most of the time they always let them go on the lead or they cover the air for them (Women know how to take good care of themselves, they are very autonomous, they are very prepared cyclists).

But there is always the misogynist fool that should have stayed at home or in the middle of a mountain alone that doesn’t honor this wonderful sport, the one who honestly thinks all women can be summarized to just a few stereotypes and makes things awful for everyone involved. He’s usually the guy who believes all these things:

Bulky Thighs

Many women believe that by practicing cycling their thighs will turn more voluminous, but that is far from true. If you ever see a cyclist with enormous legs, it’s because her training adds lots of weights in the gym, supplements and heavy training.

Asides from the biological fact that women have a much lower testosterone level than men, making almost impossible for the bicycle to develop very voluminous legs in women, this training tends to burn fat and build muscle, but it isn’t a high-impact exercise.

All Cyclists Are Men

That is not entirely true, according to the bicycle barometer in Spain in a report of results of their traffic statistics of June 2018, from 2008 there are the same proportion of men and women among users of the bicycle, 60.9% of men compared to 39.1% of women, these numbers have the tendency of going up, so it wouldn’t be surprising that by 2021, it would be a near 50/50.

Cycling is Dangerous for Women

The dangers of cycling are the same for men and for women, the only thing we have to do is be visible, wear flashy clothes and the most important thing is to respect the rules of traffic because on the road we are never alone.

Cycling for pregnant women is the preferred exercise because you don’t support your weight and there is less stress in your body, but as we have said before, common sense is essential because as the pregnancy develops the center of gravity changes and you have to be careful of falling, just ask your doctor if you can or not.