Bicycle Rides A Biker will Take in Their Lifetime

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Biking experiences can be different for everybody. For one, it depends on the kind of biker that you are. Some are bikers because they prefer a more environment-friendly mode of transportation – not to mention, it is a great way to exercise. Others become bikers as a hobby – touring around the world’s best biking sites and taking in the natural scenery. Whatever kind of biker you are, there will be some top memorable bike rides in your lifetime.

Bicycle Rides
Bicycle Rides

The Very First Bike Ride

Whatever your reason may be for becoming a biker, one of the most memorable experiences you will have in your life would be the first time you ever rode a bike. For most people, this experience happens during childhood. The bike might have been a hand-me-down from your parents, relative, or older sibling and most often than not, the bike might have come with its own set of training wheels. Learning how to ride a bike also brings it with other firsts for bikers such as the first time you fell or were thrown from the bike because of riding too fast or on slippery roads.

Finding a Routine

For bikers who use their bicycles mainly for commuting to work or going around their respective cities, a memorable moment would be finding the perfect bike routine – whether this route would be the best route to work, the best shortcuts, or the go-to route when you need to relax or clear your head. This routine might take you along a path to your destination but filled with friendly faces, delicious smells, and the best views of your favorite places around the city.

Being Handy with Bike Repairs

Another memorable bike ride that any bicycle enthusiast would remember in his or her’s lifetime is having that day when while enjoying a pleasant and smooth ride, your favorite bike breaks down. It might be because you popped a wheel, the chain was dislocated, or had a flat. This memory might have given you a headache and a bad day, but it did challenge you to learn how to fix, maintain, or do small repairs on your bike.

Taking Part in a Biking Challenge

There are bike rides that are routine to you, and there are some that are just plain adventurous and exhilarating. These types of trips will be a marker in your life as a biker. Participating in a hundred-kilometer bike marathon or going with your biking buddies to a thrilling bike route up or down a mountain will carve its way into your library of biking memories. Aside from the excitement that you felt during these challenges, there is also pride and happiness in reliving a triumphant moment when you have made it through steep terrain or finished a challenging route.

Biking to Explore

Whenever you have found yourself in a new city or a new country, biking is almost always one of the recommended ways to explore. All over the world, there are tons of suggested and notable biking routes and the bike rides that you would have the opportunity to have in these places would surely be well-remembered in your lifetime. Seeing the Italian countryside, viewing a valley from a high peak, or riding by a coastal road are all beautiful moments that would surely be part of your biker memory lane.

Biking to Explore
Biking to Explore