A Beacon In The Dark – Cycling At Night

By on Jan 22, 2019 in BLOG |

Many of the world’s road accidents occur in darkness. Be it because of a deer in the middle of the road, or pure ignorance to who and what is in the path of the car. For a cyclist, nights are the absolute worst time in which they can ride their bikes. There is something about the darkness, that sends a sense of unease and a sudden increase in fear and wariness when you ride a bike at night.

Not only does it seem intensely creepy when riding in the dark, but when the sun is setting, and the shadows become more extended and duller, your eyesight struggles to capture the details that keep you feeling secure within the region of your bike space. There are many ways in which to be able to ride your bike in the dark. Each are different and are also used in different ways.

When riding to a destination at late hours or when the sun isn’t visible, bikers and cyclists use headlights on the bike to guide their way. However many seem to think that only lights are necessary when they are riding their bike. This poses a significant risk of being in an accident as it may sometimes be ineffective in certain environments and climates. Included in the list below are some life-changing tips and advice that can help you ride better during conditions that include poor lighting or darkness.

Front Lighting

According to the law, the rider or the bicycle must have or feature a flashing or steady light that is white. The light should be easily visible from at least 200 meters ahead of the bike. Lighting on a cycle is categorized into two types. The kind of devices that you use to see and the nature of lighting devices that you use to be seen. The effectiveness of the light is also essential, but it can be used in different conditions. Lamps with a steady and bright beam can be used on unlit and isolated roads whereas a dimmer and more basic type of light can be used on roads that are already lit. The kind of light to look out for is one with adjustable brightness, as you can change it to suit your conditions.

Rear lighting is also as important as the front as it shows cars and vehicles behind you that someone is in front of them. A red flashing light is ideal in these situations as it attracts attention easily. Ensure that you correctly mount the rear lights as it will determine the effectiveness of the lamp.


Reflectors constitute a significant part in ensuring that the bike is more noticeable in the dark. The way these smart invention works is by reflecting light that hits it back to the source. Sticking these reflectors on your bike frame can ensure that you are certainly noticed in the darkness of the roads. These inventions come in multiple reflective and neon colors. Some of these colors include, yellow, white, green and red. Some reflectors come as solid plastics and stickers. These stickers are durable and are also known to be weather resistant. Making it a suitable choice for those who are money-conscious.