Posts made in July, 2018

Early Morning Breakfast for Cyclists

By on Jul 28, 2018 in BLOG |

Breakfasts set the tone for the rest of the day. Eat too much, and you’ll end up bloated for hours. Too little and you’ll be constantly starving and overeating for the rest of the day. Give in to sugary treats and you’ll feel tired soon after. Messing up the first meal of the day is ridiculously easy, and the effects often last the entire day. This can be especially...

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The World’s Biggest Cyclist Fairs

By on Jul 19, 2018 in BLOG |

Cyclist fairs keep on getting bigger and bigger, as more people from all over the world get involved in this beautiful sport. There, amateurs, professionals, companies and the biggest brands in the cycling industry are gathered to delight on the technological breakthroughs and show their love of all things cycling. So, if you’re cycling enthusiast and are looking...

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Ready to Become a Bike Commuter?

By on Jul 13, 2018 in Become a Bike Commuter, BLOG |

Deciding to become a bike commuter is a big commitment. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, have a more active lifestyle, or just got tired of sitting in your car in the traffic, you’re about to endure a huge change in your life. But wait! It’s not as easy as grabbing your bike and heading out the door. Well, it is if you’re a regular rider, but...

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Friendliest Cities for Cycling

By on Jul 8, 2018 in BLOG, Cities for Cycling |

One of the best exercises you can partake in is cycling. Not only is it low impact (meaning it doesn’t over stress your joints), it’s also easy to learn, relatively low-cost, a good way to improve your strength, and if you live in one of these cycling-friendly cities, a time-efficient way to get around. Even though cycling is an eco-friendly method of...

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